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Semi-automatic corking machine

Semi-automatic corking machine Semi-automatic corking machine Semi-automatic corking machine

Product name:Semi-automatic corking machine


Semi-automatic corking machine

1. Product Description
Semi-automatic corking machine apply to winery and beverage industry, it is a specialized machine for produce kind of wine and other bottle liquid with corking sealing machine. The cork stopper will be put into the extruding cork device automatically by feeder, Simple operate, Safe and reliable, High quality, Save labor, The machine is portable compact, rational design ,Wide applicability, easy to maintenance, Durable. 

2. Technical parameters:
Production speed: 1200-1500BPH
Bottle height: 200-360mm
Bottle neck diameter: 15-25mm
Wood cork diameter: 20.5-24mm
Wood cork length: 30-44mm
Suitable bottle shape: round etc all shape
Machine power: 0.75Kw, 220v/380v
Machine size: 630*250*1150mm
Machine weight: 130Kg

Other name: Manual Wood Cork Sealing Machine, Semi-auto Glass Bottle Wine Wood Cork Inserting Machine, Semi-automatic closing machine with cork stopper, Semi-automatic corking machine, Cork capping machine for grape wine bottle, single head electric stopper machine, Semi-automatic capping machine, Semi-automatic capper wine bottle, Semi-automatic plug machine

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