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Zevia's natural sweetener profile finds home in CSD market

Author:sunstarmachine.com Date:5/8/2015 11:54:00 PM

Zevia's natural sweetener profile finds home in CSD market
Company expand beyond CSDs with Tonic Water release

Across Zevia’s portfolio of carbonated soft drinks, Ginger Ale, Cream Soda and Cola are the Top 3 performing flavors. (Images courtesy of Zevia)

Zevia entered the mixer category when it released Zevia Tonic Water. Like the rest of the portfolio, it is sweetened with stevia extract, erythritol and monk fruit extract for a zero-calorie, naturally sweetened offering. (Image courtesy of Zevia)

Zevia offers a collection of fruit flavors for consumers who want something beyond traditional offerings. Within its fruit flavors portfolio include Lemon Lime Twist, Orange, Grape, Black Cherry and Strawberry. (Image courtesy of Zevia)

As a seasonal release, Zevia launched Sparkling Apple and Sparkling Pear Celebration Beverages. The winter releases were zero-calorie sparkling juices. (Image courtesy of Zevia)

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