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Trigger spray capping machine Delivery

Author:sunstarmachine.com Date:5/10/2015 7:01:46 PM

Trigger spray capping machine Delivery 

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Video of straight line type capping machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMOrekR0GHY&feature=youtu.be

The spindle capping machine is suitable for spindle screw caps, locked caps, pump caps, and spray caps, lid caps and so on. The caps can be metal, plastic.

This is the most popularly used capping machine as it will work for most bottles and caps at speeds up to 200bottle/min depending on cap size and container configuration, especialy suitable for tablets product line. It is equipped with microcomputer, the control system adopts SLSI system, and display working information by digital numbers, which is easy to read and input. It can link with other packaging line or work individually. Compare with traditional intermittent working capper, it works faster and the capping performance is better. The straight way bottle feeding also raise the production capacity.

1.Capping Machine adopt the mode of one motor controls one capping wheel, which can ensure the machine to work stably and keep consistent torque under long term working condition.
2. The clamping belts can be adjusted separately, which allow the machine to be suitable for capping bottles with various heights and shapes.
3. If you choose the optional cap guiding system together with the machine, it is also fit for pump caps.
4. The convenient construction adjustment system is equipped with precise ruler and counter.
5. The mainframe can be lifted and descended automatically by a motor.

Automatic Capping machine Technical parameter:
Model: Automatic capping machine
Capacity: 50-200bottle/min (subject to bottles and cap)
Cap diameter: 20-120mm ( Special  needs  upon  your  request)
Bottle Height: 40-460mm
Cap type: Plastic cap
Power: 1600W
Weight: 850Kg
Dimension: 2400mm*1000mm*1800mm
Cap feeder: Elevator Feeder or Vibrator Feeder


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