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Lord Calvert revives original bottle for 50th anniversary

Author:sunstarmachine.com Date:11/27/2014 12:46:23 AM

Lord Calvert revives original bottle for 50th anniversary

Old-style package features updated label

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Luxco's Lord Calvert brand, the company returned the Canadian whisky to its original embossed bottle but with a refreshed label, it says. The current round bottle will be phased out of production, being replaced with the proprietary embossed square glass bottle. The bottle was created and produced by the Ardagh Group and is available in 1.75-liter and 1-liter sizes. "When we purchased this brand from Beam in 2012, we received feedback from consumers and trade partners to bring back the square bottle,"said Steve Einig, chief marketing officer at Luxco, in a statement. "The change is both about demand as well as bringing the brand back to its roots. With the square bottle, more expensive glass and contemporary logo and label, the package now matches the quality of the whisky inside."The new, refreshed label, designed by Rogers/Townsend, is a modernized version of the previous design and adds an updated and modern look to the brand, the company adds.

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